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As a writer, content strategist, and publicist, I work primarily with start-ups and SMB's to attract audiences and build reputations. ​I use my marketing and PR background to develop compelling messaging that is on-brand and in-tune with the right readers. A problem-solver by nature, I believe the best solutions come from bringing together creativity and practicality through collaborative work — and that work should be fun.


But enough about me. I want to hear about you.

When you do great work, it deserves great writing. Let me find the right words for you.

A message only travels as far as its map allows, and a smart strategy can go a long way. Road trip!

PR is about more than media: it's about building relationships. Let's do good business together. 



Why do I write? The short version: I was a terribly unathletic child.


As such, I had a healthy amount of time on my hands, most of which I spent reading. Around the third grade, I pioneered a niche genre of creative writing called "Maudlin-Histrionic," which gave way to sad fiction pieces about heirloom jewelry boxes and woefully negligent parents. Prevalent throughout this genre were ellipses ... and exclamation points!


I'm happy to say my writing has improved since the fourth grade. 


Since 2007, I've written multi-channel B2B and B2C copy for the arts, non-profits, technology, retail, logistics, energy, and real estate. I provide clients with an adaptable voice that can optimally present a unique brand, product, or idea (with minimal exclamation points). Let me know if I can help you with:



  • Web content

  • One-sheets & brochures

  • Newsletters & blogs

  • E-books & case studies

  • Scripts & speeches



  • Taglines & headlines

  • E-blasts & social media

  • Banner & print ads

  • Product descriptions

  • Direct-response & CTA's

Art form


  • Content strategy

  • Brand workshops

  • Voice development

  • Creative & technical writing

  • B2B & B2C marketing

Content Strategy

Good maps make for great travels.


The longest road trip I've taken (so far) lasted four months. I drove solo around the entire U.S., farming, writing, couchsurfing — and planning. I always knew where I was going and how I would get there. What I did once I arrived is a different story entirely.


I consider myself a "Type A Creative" and, for that, I have my marketing background to blame. Campaign management, digital marketing, database administration, and data analysis are the methodical frameworks through which I learned to write content that must be creative and compelling.


If your goal is to cultivate and retain audiences through your communications, content strategy is the roadmap you need to efficiently deliver on-brand messages that increase meaningful engagement.


Want a great navigator who won't mess with the radio (that much)? Be in touch and we'll develop communications that are ...





Public Relations

Are you doing good business?


Positive perception is the endgame for public relations. When people think of PR, they usually think of press coverage. Getting your name "out there" is great, but what gives it credibility and sustained interest?


PR should have a purpose beyond gaining recognition.


I set partnerships at the center of my PR strategy, and believe in business communities where truth creates trust, trust builds relationships, relationships inspire collaboration, and collaboration stimulates growth. 


Ready to bring some attention to your intention? Contact me to get started on:

Thought Leadership


  • Public speaking

  • Seminars & webinars

  • Workshops

Media Relations


  • Press releases & alerts

  • Story pitches

  • Multi-media campaigns

Community Engagement


  • Sponsorships

  • Events & conferences

  • Corporate citizenship

By the way, I'm also a

Public Speaker

When in doubt: quote Zappa.

I don't think anything is more valuable than curiosity. A curious mind is an open one, and that's where some of the best problem-solving happens.


I've been invited to share insights on branding, entrepreneurship, communications, cultural sustainability, careers in the arts, and public relations, and I always speak with the purpose of guiding the listener to a solution — and at least a laugh or two. 


Need someone to help energize and inform your crowd? I'm here.

Creative Mornings Denver, 2017

"Magical Panicking: The Survival of a Symphony"

“A pleasure to work with!”

Natasha Murphy, Nicely Built Web Design

“It's rare to find a highly creative individual who also possesses a clear gift for strategy and logistics.”

Molly Dickinson, M-Dash Creative Copy

“An...unusual storyteller.”

John Lemley, WABE

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